To all the Dreamers and Darers,

I started out as a photographer / image creator to appease my lust for art. I then created this treasure trove with the intention of providing a hub of expression in London for new creatives in the realm of fashion, as well as to give a dash of sparkle in people's everyday lives.

I believe in making reality a fantasy and bringing out the creativity that people have within themselves through garments, style and fabulous flair (and everyone has fabulous flair whether they know it or not.)

There's nothing like the power of friendship, and I couldn't have done this without my closest and dearest friends who I work with and who have essentially become part of this Dragon Dream.

All of our garments and accessories are made by these spectacular people, most of whom are up-and-coming new designers.

So I encourage and dare you to celebrate life with loved ones and all in the most colourful and creative spirit you can and dance among the clouds and stars to the beat of unity, music and most importantly your heart.

Thanks for reading,

❤ Baby Dragon